Cooling Your Dorm

School starts in late summer and, man, it can be hot. This is not just short term mind you. You would think they would air condition the dooms like they do the classrooms. But no, not on your life! The powers that be say that it cools off in a few weeks so suffer in silence. It goads you into attending class faithfully in any case. So you stay out of your room, go to the movies, play games in the rec room, whatever is cool that is at hand.

You don’t have to take this lying down. Fight it with your ingenuity, and your pocket book. If funds are ample, get a nice new room fan at the hardware store. If they are tight, get one on special, or better yet, in a used appliance shop. These seem to pop up near universities at just the right time for students to stock up on basics like hair dryers, can openers, and toasters. I knew they have both portable and ceiling fans.

Cooling your room is in your hands. Your fellow dorm mates will either copy you or pop in a little too often. Make room for multiple occupants after your evening meal. You can exchange quips as you sit before the whirring tower fan. You can share what you think of your new English professor or that adorable new student that enrolled this term. You can smoke, drink, eat, tell jokes, or just chill. Maybe the dorm wardens know this and keep the rooms hot for just this communal social purpose!

Every penny seems to count for college kids. If you do have a few extra, you want a pizza, not a cooling device. Remember that you can always sell it to the next generation or stow it for spring. Don’t look at it as a splurge, but an indispensable item that will help you study and thrive. Give it to your brother or sis when they enter the ivory tower. Or just give it away to charity and you won’t have to tote it home.

The brain can only take so much abuse such as suffocating heat in your private realm. It won’t let you cram or even sleep if it is not in an optimum environment. Control the temperature in your room at will with your handy dandy fan. I found some really good tower fan reviews here. This is one tall device that is quite useful. It can be small unless your dorm room sleeps six. It can be quiet as well. Dust it off now and then to keep it in proper working order and so you don’t breather in nasty allergens.

A little ingenuity goes a long way so you don’t spread your precious dollars too thin. By the way, group TV watching in the dorm basement is a good way to make new friends, fan or not. Whatever you decide to do will mark your college years as special and memorable. It is a time when you are newly in control and not much is at stake.