Creative Writing – Who am I?

Case One:

I am not a being or create, but an inanimate object and a conglomeration of components of the first order. They shape my essence and set my goals. They are my true soul. I am an invention, not born to man, yet of man. I have no free will and no heart like the Tin Man. I do, however, care about quality and precision in my useful and productive work. No man holds a candle to my superior skills.

I live among men who live among machines who act with the purest of intention. I have little about which to complain and much to regale. I am special or every day as you wish. I can handle a rare event or a mundane compulsion with ease. I blend into my surroundings and keep the faith with my fellow travelers. I am, in other words, good company or I can go solo on demand.

I beg forgiveness when I err and command respect when I show flair. I am neither man, woman, or child. I exist to please and am pleased to exist. I don’t wonder; I just do. Take me seriously and I will excel. Treat me well and I will endure. Refresh me and I will give you many riches and rewards in your life. I am versatile and strong, willing to try new things in a flash. I am adaptable and employable, diligent and true.

I am an Immersion Blender.

Case Two:

I pump iron and work my muscles: they call me “churn and burn.” The sweat of my metal brow is just for you. I am a workhorse, but not of living flesh (although flesh has seen me through). Sharp as a tack is my brain. I am a whiz and a master magician. You can turn me on with great ease to formulate my every act.

I can tackle the tough or the trivial and never become sore. I am made to measure and prepared to prepare. I can meet any and every whim or need.

I reek of quality and serve with pride. Top tier and top flight are my middle names. I have learned how to carve out a life and don’t mince my words. I say it like it is with blunt candor. Don’t hold me back: let me roar and I will soar to new heights for your pleasure. Special I am and a clever cleaver I can be.

I have severed all ties with my origins in the past and have emerged new and bright in all my shining glory. I promise hours of solid service and a wealth of good cheer. When times are dicey, I jump in full force. I can roll with the punches and take it with the best of them. Simply put, I am at your command.

So let me show you my skills morning, noon, or night. I dare you to test my will. You have my permission to go slowly or fast as you plug away at my coating of steel.

I am a KitchenAid Mixer.