Geting in to College


Getting into the college of your choice is not as easy as saying that is where you want to go. There are many things that need to be done before you even step foot inside the door of any college.

Although not all colleges ask for the same information, these guidelines below should get you started on what you may need to get into college. Once you decide where you want to go, find out from the college admissions office exactly what paperwork they require. Some of these needed items may take time to gather, be sure you start early enough (Your high school counselor will discuss college options with you when you are ready.) in order to get everything together at once.

Don’t let this list intimidate you, getting into college is a process.

  • High School Transcript: Talk to your counselor, and together go over your high school transcript to make sure there are no errors in it. Then ask your counselor or school principal how they go about sending your transcripts to the colleges of your choice. They should send transcripts directly.>
  • Final Transcript: Once you have completed your senior year, your high school should send a final transcript to any college you plan to attend. This information lets the college see at a glance what classes you took and if you have kept up your grades throughout your final year.
  • Portfolios and Auditions: Students applying to theater, art or music programs may be asked to show samples of their work. You may need to audition, or send videos, to convince the school that you are worthy of their programs.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Some colleges may ask for letters from friends, teachers, coaches, and anyone you worked with who knows you well. Do ask these individuals well in advance if they would be kind enough to write you a letter of recommendation.
  • Essays: A good essay gives the college a chance to see where you stand academically, and gives the admission office a better idea on just what your strengths may be. A well-written essay also shows them the character of the writer.
  • Application Forms: While there still is the option to use paper forms, most students now opt to use online forms to apply for college. There are even services available that allows you to complete just one application form and submit it to several colleges.
  • Application Fees: Prices vary from $35 to $50 for each application you file. Students who cannot afford to pay this fee can request a fee waiver from the college.
  • Admission Test Scores: You may need to take the SAT or the ACT before attending college. Each college is different, so be sure to find out what your college requires.
  • Interviews: If you are really serious about going to one particular school and nowhere else will do, schedule and interview with someone from the college to express your desires. This lets the admission office know you are a serious student who wants to join their team.