Why go to college

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Going to college has always been seen as a way to become a well-rounded person with critical thinking skills and knowledge in basic academics and special knowledge in your preferred course of study. Most high school graduates are unsure about what lies ahead, but look forward to exploring the possibilities of college.

While college work is challenging, it will often inspire you to delve further into things that interest you, more so than you ever could in high school. As you choose your own courses and class schedules you are building your independence, while maturing into a responsible adult. You can retain your independence but still take advantage of any help and support your college offers. If nothing else, it is a good way to find out where to meet people. Colleges offer such a wide variety of classes. Because you choose your own classes you are free to explore many different subjects, or you can choose to stick with one favorite subject.

Some high school students already know what they love, and want to pursue a career in that field. Other students are more interested in expanding their horizons and opting to try one subject and then another. Eventually most students choose a path that will lead them to a financially and emotionally rewarding life.

College campuses offer so much more than just class work. Entering a college campus is like entering a small world all its own. There are stores to run, newspapers that need writers and publishers. Explore the world of TV or radio broadcasters, or help run the government of the school. Perform in plays, or play sports… the list just goes on and on. There is bound to be something besides academics to fill your free time. Going to college might not be the wisest choice for everyone, but everyone should have the opportunity to prepare for college.

Most parents, especially those who have degrees of their own, want all their children to attend college. Not all students feel this way. So, who should go to college, and who should not? Students who have low grades and poor school performance are hardly college material. However, their parents can hire tutors to help them catch up. It can be done; it is up to the student whether or not he chooses to go to college. He might be better off going to a trade school or getting a job in a trade that he enjoys, such as mechanic, where he can get on the job training. Time after time studies are done that reveal that the best investment we can make in our lifetime is to get a college education.

We hear how college graduates make more money than those without a degree. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your college degree will land you a well paying job in your field of expertise. There are many factors to consider when deciding if college is in your future. The cost of college is the first consideration; will it cost more to go to college for four (or more) years vs what you could earn working full-time for those four years? Your course of study, and where you go to school also factor into your decision. Those that are set on going to college, and have prepared well for their ongoing education, will find that college offers them many benefits that they never even dreamed of. Continuing your education improves your overall well being, affecting your health, home life, job satisfaction and social interactions. Going to college is really an experience you should not miss out on – if that is your desire.